HP Enterprise Services-2014-CMMI3

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Organization Name:
HP Enterprise Services
Organizational Unit:
HEWLETT PACKARD SERVIÇOS LTDA/Application Services Delivery/ADT Brazil
Maturity Level:
Maturity Level 3
Appraisal End Date:
Nov 25, 2014
Lead Appraiser:
Michael Evanoo
Elayne Trefiglio de Souza Martins
Sampling Summary:
Sampling Factors: Location (Not Relevant: All locations use the same process sets.)
Customer (Not Relevant: All work is done using the same process sets, regardless of customer, except in a few instances where the customer owns the processes and requires their processes to be performed and those instances were excluded from the scope because HP does not own and is not responsible for the processes being performed.)
Size (Not Relevant: All work large enough to be qualified as a project use the same processes. When work is not large enough to be classified as a project it is considered part of on-going services and not development work, therefore it is excluded from scope.)
Organizational Structure (Not Relevant: All parts of the organization structure use the same processes to perform development work.)
Type of Work: Development work is classified into New Development and Enhancements. These two types of work each have different lifecycles and is managed differently.
Sampling Factor Values: Enhancements (Type of Work): This type of work includes projects that are enhancements to existing applications that are large enough to be individual projects but because they are large enhancements they are not managed in the same way as new development.
New Development (Type of Work): New development work type includes all development projects that are entirely new or when there are entirely new functionality, if that new functionality can operate independently.
Subgroups: Enhancements: Changes to current scope or additions to scope in an existing application (where they are large enough to be treated as a project)
141 People, 4 Basic Units
– Enhancements
New Development: New development activities to develop new applications or new functionality that is mostly independent of the existing functionality.
84 People, 6 Basic Units
– New Development

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