INDRA Sistemas-2017-CMMI3

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Organization Name:
INDRA Sistemas
Organizational Unit:
Simulation, Automatic Maintenance Systems and Information Systems for Logistics Business Units
Maturity Level:
Maturity Level 3
Appraisal End Date:
Jun 12, 2017
Lead Appraiser:
Jose Luis Iparraguirre
MARIO GARCIA , Vicente Rolo
Sampling Summary:
Sampling Factors: Location (Not Relevant: All the units considered in the scope of the project are based on the same location, using the same office facilities.)
Customer: Customers of the OU may be military institutions requesting the use of specific heavy process assets, or civilian institutions, requesting the standard Indra’s process asset.
Size (Not Relevant: Size is determined by the type of activity and the organizational structure, two of the other sampling factors relevant for the implementations. Projects in the type development of simulators have similar size, resulting in the same type of processes in place. The same rational applies to the development of test bench systems, and to the maintenance of logistics systems. In consequence, Size is shadowed by the other two factors.)
Organizational Structure: Development structure is considered in a different manner in both divisions. The Simulation division is splitting the work into subsystems addressed to resource and skill keeping units, whilst the Logistic Systems division is following a project centric approach.
Type of Work: The scope of the activity to be considered within the project derives in two types of projects: Development projects and Maintenance projects.
Sampling Factor Values: MIL (Customer): Military customers.
CIV (Customer): Civilian customers.
SIM (Organizational Structure): Flying simulators programs,
SAM (Organizational Structure): Automatic Maintenance Systems programs.
DEV (Type of Work): Development programs.
MAINT (Type of Work): Logistic Systems Maintenance programs.
Subgroups: 1. SAM.MIL.DEV: Development of automated management systems for military customers.
28 People, 2 Basic Units
2. SAM.MIL.MAIN: Programs for maintaining automatic maintenance and logistic systems for military customers.
21 People, 3 Basic Units
3. SIM.MIL.DEV: Development of flight simulators for military customers.
101 People, 4 Basic Units
4. SIM.CIV.DEV: Development of flight simulators for civilian customers.
94 People, 4 Basic Units

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