Information Systems & Network Corporation, (ISN)-2013-CMMI2

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Organization Name:
Information Systems & Network Corporation, (ISN)
Organizational Unit:
All Development Projects
Maturity Level:
Maturity Level 2
Appraisal End Date:
Oct 18, 2013
Lead Appraiser:
Don Marohl
Arvin Malkani
Sampling Summary:
Sampling Factors: Location (Not Relevant: Numerous locations are represented in these projects, but management of these personnel is done from Bethesda Md.)
Customer (Not Relevant: Customers vary, but their needs are similar and thus not relevant.)
Size (Not Relevant: Size of the project vary in the total number of consultants, but management is restricted to a small number of ISN personnel.)
Organizational Structure (Not Relevant: Organizational structure is the same across the projects.)
Type of Work: Work varies with the project and is relevant.
Sampling Factor Values: G1 (Type of Work): Projects include Quality Assurance and Software Development
G2 (Type of Work): Project include Quality Assurance and Data Management
Subgroups: USDA: For USDA-SNAP(Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program), ISN provides inspectors and quality assurance personnel to check and record stores and vendors data to assure they are qualified to accept Food Stamps. This work includes 19 ISN employees and 1114 independent contractors.
1133 People, 1 Basic Units
– G2
USMS: For USMS-National/International Property Management Services ISN Manages and performs inspections and quality control of all seized property for USMS. This project includes 19 ISN employees and 519 independent contractors.
538 People, 1 Basic Units
– G2
SEC: ISN provides independent quality control of data entering SEC to assure completeness and accuracy, and ISN is also developing software to automate this QC process. SEC Unit includes 20 employees and 1 independent contractor.
21 People, 1 Basic Units
– G1

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