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Organization Name:
Organizational Unit:
Aerospace Customer Delivery Center
Maturity Level:
Maturity Level 5
Appraisal End Date:
Oct 25, 2013
Lead Appraiser:
Christian Hertneck
Sergey Kuznetsov
Sampling Summary:
Sampling Factors: Location (Not Relevant: Most projects are distributed among Russia (Moscow, Dubna, Omsk), USA (Seattle), and Vietnam (Ho Chi Min) locations but follow the same management and engineering practices. No effect on work conditions.)
Customer (Not Relevant: The same Customer for all projects, different departments/personalities from the Customer side don”t affect the way of work due to the common GSSM department from the Customer side that unifies the communication procedures.)
Size (Not Relevant: No effect on work conditions, which is confirmed with sub-processes statistical control data.)
Organizational Structure (Not Relevant: The parts of the same org. unit. No effect on work conditions.)
Type of Work: New Development/Prototyping (Risky projects) and Development/Maintenance can be considered as significant factor due to business criticality. The type of work makes effect on work conditions only in case of business-critical new development/prototyping projects.
SDLC: Agile SDLC type was introduced in 2012 for projects with uncertain requirements and/or projects with Customer”s explicit Agile culture. Agile way of work is described in the process branch different from so called Classic Dev/Mnt projects and is the sampling factor.
Peer Review Type: Formal Peer Review practices constitute significant part of the Classic BDC process and can be simplified for projects where highest possible quality (i.e. low Post-Delivery Defect Density predicted range) is not required.
Sampling Factor Values: Stable (Type of Work): Normal long-lasting project
Risky (Type of Work): Business critical development and/or prototype
Classic (SDLC): Iterative waterfall-like software development lifecycle
Agile (SDLC): Agile software development lifecycle for projects with uncertain requirements and/or projects with Customer”s explicit Agile culture
Formal (Peer Review Type): Review report is required
Informal (Peer Review Type): Only review record is required
Subgroups: Classic Risky: Classic Risky
30 People, 6 Basic Units
– Risky
– Classic
– Informal
Classic Formal: Classic Formal
149 People, 26 Basic Units
– Formal
– Classic
– Stable
Classic Informal: Classic Informal
107 People, 9 Basic Units
– Stable
– Classic
– Informal
Agile Risky: Agile Risky
5 People, 2 Basic Units
– Informal
– Agile
– Risky
Agile Stable: Agile Stable
36 People, 10 Basic Units
– Stable
– Agile
– Informal

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