Ultra Electronics-2013-CMMI3

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Organization Name:
Ultra Electronics
Organizational Unit:
Advanced Tactical Systems
Maturity Level:
Maturity Level 3
Appraisal End Date:
Jun 20, 2013
Lead Appraiser:
Jorge Boria
Bryan Harwell
Sampling Summary:
Sampling Factors: Location (Not Relevant: All programs are under the same roof in 4101 Smith School Road / Building IV, Suite 100 / Austin, TX 78744)
Customer: National and international customers have different risks and procedures
Size (Not Relevant: All programs are approximately the same size)
Organizational Structure (Not Relevant: All programs follow a modified waterfall with some inclusion of agile practices like daily stand up meetings and burndown charts)
Type of Work: Sustainment work for the core components versus development work for the products
Technology: Operating systems, language and integrated development environments
Sampling Factor Values: US (Customer): Customer is a DoD force (Army, Navy, Marines…)
International (Customer): Customer is in a foreign country
Sustaining (Type of Work): Fix defects and add small pieces of functionality
Development (Type of Work): Add new functionality
ADSI (Technology): Home-grown language to develop applications over the core interface system
C++ Linux or Windows (Technology): C++ Linux or Windows with all the correspondign software to develop core components or applications
Subgroups: Sustaining: takes care of maintaining the core equipment used in most other projects, ADSI.
20 People, 1 Basic Units
– US
– Sustaining
– C++ Linux or Windows
International: International development for Jordan
10 People, 1 Basic Units
– C++ Linux or Windows
– International
– Development
US Development: ADSI System (C, C++ and Linux, Windows) for US DoD customers
65 People, 6 Basic Units
– Development
– US
– C++ Linux or Windows

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