Goldcard DF Software Co.,Ltd.-2019-CMMI5

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Organization Name:
Goldcard DF Software Co.,Ltd.
Organizational Unit:
Software Development Department
Maturity Level:
Maturity Level 5
Appraisal End Date:
Dec 20, 2019
Lead Appraiser:
Mary Sakry
Yangzhou Zhu
Sampling Summary:
Sampling Factors: Location (Not Relevant: all software development is based in Hangzhou Only 1 location that follows the same processes.)
Customer (Not Relevant: There is only one specific type of customer. All software developmented for public service clients.)
Size (Not Relevant: The basic units are all the same size, or very similar sizes. (Size does not affect the process for all current projects,))
Organizational Structure (Not Relevant: All work is project structured. The process followed is the same for each project.)
Type of Work: Contract (Customized Project) and Product (R&D Project) have minor difference in Requirements and VAL
Sampling Factor Values: Customized Project (Type of Work): Contract projects are Customized Projects
R&D Project (Type of Work): Products are R&D Projects without customization.
Subgroups: Customized Project: Customized Projects for customers. Projects developed for specific customer to satisfy the contract
47 People, 6 Basic Units
– Customized Project
R&D Project: Self researched software for the market
21 People, 3 Basic Units
– R&D Project

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