Steria Ibérica, S.A.U.-2013-CMMI2

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Organization Name:
Steria Ibérica, S.A.U.
Organizational Unit:
AM Delivery
Maturity Level:
Maturity Level 2
Appraisal End Date:
Mar 22, 2013
Lead Appraiser:
Jose Arias
Francisco Jose Saez Barrio
Sampling Summary:
Sampling Factors: Location (Not Relevant: Not relevant. The organization promotes a common approach to managing projects independetly of the location where they are executed.)
Customer (Not Relevant: Not relevant. The development activities of the organizational unit are provided to deliver products and projects independently of the customer)
Size (Not Relevant: Not relevant. All projects within the scope of appraisal have the same characteristics in terms of size)
Organizational Structure (Not Relevant: Not relevant. Same management processes and tools are used across the different areas and team of the organization.)
Type of Work: The organization has three different types of projects that follow different approach and processes depending on the type of project
Sampling Factor Values: Maintenance (Type of Work): Maintanance activities for enhancement requests for existing applications from different clients and sectors, development activites cover from the transition phase until production phase
Developement Projects (Type of Work): Fix price projects with a closed scope, usually follow a waterfall lifecycle
Product Development (Type of Work): Evolution of an existing product for the health sector. Product evolves with new functionality and features requested from clients and adaptation to regulations for the national health adminstration.
Subgroups: Development: Development Projects
120 People, 18 Basic Units
– Developement Projects
Product Development: Product Engineering Projects
60 People, 6 Basic Units
– Product Development
Maintenance: Application Maintenance
110 People, 8 Basic Units
– Maintenance

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