Qingdao Zhihaiyuntian Information Technology Co., Ltd-C

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Organization Name:
Qingdao Zhihaiyuntian Information Technology Co., Ltd
Organizational Unit:
Development Department
Maturity Level:
Maturity Level 3
Appraisal End Date:
Sep 07, 2018
Lead Appraiser:
Marian Tadros
Jieyong Luo
Sampling Summary:
Sampling Factors: Location (Not Relevant: (Not relevant because all OU projects are managed from one location))
Customer: (Relevant: to customers domains “Educational domain” Customers and “Utilities Products” for Public )
Size (Not Relevant: (Not relevant because all projects are from 4 to 7 months))
Organizational Structure (Not Relevant: Not Relevant because all projects are belonging to the development department))
Type of Work (Not Relevant: (Not Relevant because all projects are development projects))
Sampling Factor Values: Educational domain (Customer): Software projects for Education sector
Utilities Products (Customer): Soft ware products used for Public
Subgroups: Educational: Through the intelligent education management platform, all kinds of information related to students, such as students” information, learning information, payment and so on, are recorded, and the data are precipitated. Then, the data can be used to analyze the situation of students” participation in schools, examinations, activities and various kinds of intelligent analysis.
7 People, 2 Basic Units
– Educational domain
Life Utilities System: Community contains huge resource advantages, with multiple functions such as economy, socialization, psychological support and influence, social control and social participation, so the establishment of life service platform within the community can be
15 People, 2 Basic Units
– Utilities Products

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