Shanxi Tiandi Technology Co.,Ltd-2018-CMMI3

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Organization Name:
Shanxi Tiandi Technology Co.,Ltd
Organizational Unit:
Software Development
Maturity Level:
Maturity Level 3
Appraisal End Date:
May 24, 2018
Lead Appraiser:
John Junan Yu
Juan Chen
Sampling Summary:
Sampling Factors: Location (Not Relevant: Although there are two locations, Taiyuan and Chengdu, they share same management team and use same standard process, staff in Taiyuan focus on requirements elicitation from customers, project management and customer relationship, staff in Chengdu focus on coding and testing.)
Customer: The customers are categorized as government and commercial
Size (Not Relevant: There is no process distinctions made based on the size of development. All project development efforts are medium size, from 60 staff months to 80 staff months.)
Organizational Structure (Not Relevant: The organization structure is very simple, they share one management team, they use the same standard process, there is no process distinctions based on the organization structure.)
Type of Work (Not Relevant: All projects are management information system related application development)
Sampling Factor Values: GOV (Customer): The customers are from government
COM (Customer): The customers are from commercial
Subgroups: Division I: Division I develops applications for government customers
18 People, 3 Basic Units
Division II: Division II develops applications for commercial customers.
41 People, 7 Basic Units

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