Shenzhen Canyou Software Co., Ltd.-2019-CMMI5

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Organization Name:
Shenzhen Canyou Software Co., Ltd.
Organizational Unit:
Software Development Projects and related support functions (QA, Training, EPG)
Maturity Level:
Maturity Level 5
Appraisal End Date:
May 31, 2019
Lead Appraiser:
Dan He
weining zheng
Sampling Summary:
Sampling Factors: Location (Not Relevant: This appraisal will only cover one location in Shenzhen. So location is not a sampling factor.)
Customer (Not Relevant: Although different customers have different project targets, which have already been take into account during planning stage – schedule, cost and risk planning. There is no other process variation due to customers)
Size (Not Relevant: All the projects in the OU have around 10 FTEs, not too much difference, so size is not a sampling factor)
Organizational Structure (Not Relevant: the organization is quite small, so organization structure is very simple, all the projects in the organization need to follow the organizational defined processes. Organizational structure has no impact on process implementation in different projects, so it is not a sampling factor)
Type of Work: There are 2 types of work in the scope Standard process projects – ST and lightweight process projects –LW.
Sampling Factor Values: ST (Type of Work): Projects follow standard processes
LW (Type of Work): Projects follow the lightweight processes
Subgroups: G1: Projects follow standard processes
33 People, 3 Basic Units
– ST
G2: Projects follow light weight processes
21 People, 2 Basic Units
– LW

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