Zhuhai Agree Technology Co., Ltd.-2019-CMMI3

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Organization Name:
Zhuhai Agree Technology Co., Ltd.
Organizational Unit:
Application Development Department South China
Maturity Level:
Maturity Level 3
Appraisal End Date:
Jul 26, 2019
Lead Appraiser:
Zhao Zheng
Xiaohui Tang
Sampling Summary:
Sampling Factors: Location (Not Relevant: All projects are developed in the customer’s office for security and the same set of processes are implemented across all of the projects.)
Customer (Not Relevant: There is only one type of customer: commercial customer, i.e. financial and banking customers.)
Size (Not Relevant: There are strategic projects and regular projects. Strategic projects which are developed for key or new customers may have longer duration. However, this does not impact the SDLC. Size is not a determining factor in process execution.)
Organizational Structure (Not Relevant: All in-scope projects are developed under the Application Development Department South China. No division to the OU is observed.)
Type of Work: There are two types of work executed by the OU: front-end business(or called banking outlet business) and precondition business.
Sampling Factor Values: Front-end (Type of Work): Front-end systems(sometimes called banking outlet systems) are usually operated by the bank outlet staff and its customers.
Precondition (Type of Work): Precondition systems are intermediate service platforms. They usually perform message conversion, encryption, and communication protocol conversion. They receives and processes requests from front-end system and forwards to other systems.
Subgroups: GroupA: The subgroup covers front-end software projects which provides service for counter satff and bank users.
26 People, 3 Basic Units
– Front-end
GroupB: The subgroup covers precondition software projects which process requests from front-end system.
21 People, 4 Basic Units
– Precondition

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