Dialog Axiata PLC-2013-CMMI4

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Organization Name:
Dialog Axiata PLC
Organizational Unit:
Group Service Delivery of Dialog, Sri Lanka
Maturity Level:
Maturity Level 4
Appraisal End Date:
May 15, 2013
Lead Appraiser:
Rajesh Naik
Sandra De Zoysa
Sampling Summary:
Sampling Factors: Location: Comment: Some basic units operate from Colombo and others from outside Colombo. The central support services (facilities, IT infra, HR, etc) are all located within Colombo. Also, mobility and load balancing of resources is more feasible across basic units within Colombo, since a large number of units are located in close proximity (within the city). The flexibilities are different for units outside Colombo as central support is physically far and other basic units are also physically far.
Customer (Not Relevant: This organization handles consumers (public), as it provides service to telecom subscribers (fixed line, mobile, data, etc.). There are over 8 million customers. Hence “customer” as a sampling factor is not relevant)
Size (Not Relevant: Basic units (customer service outlets) are roughly the similar in size in the People CMM® context. Hence this factor is not relevant.)
Organizational Structure: The organization is divided on the basis of type of work, and the work done, and high level competencies required are different for different parts of the organization.
Type of Work (Not Relevant: Type of work has been embedded in the organization structure. Hence, it is not a distinct factor.)
Sampling Factor Values: In Colombo (Location): Within the main city of Sri Lanka. Basic units here are near their HQ and close to the central support units. They are also near many other basic units.
Outside Colombo (Location): In the rest of Sri Lanka. Basic units here are far from their HQ and central support units. They are also far from other basic units.
Frontline Outlets (Organizational Structure): Customer Service Outlets
Back-end (Organizational Structure): Back-end Groups supporting Frontline outlets
Subgroups: In Colombo-Frontline: Frontline outlets in Colombo
77 People, 7 Basic Units
– In Colombo
– Frontline Outlets
Outside Colombo-Frontline: Frontline outlets outside Colombo
172 People, 18 Basic Units
– Frontline Outlets
– Outside Colombo
Back-end in Colombo: All back-end staff are based in Colombo and they support the Frontline outlets
115 People, 13 Basic Units
– Back-end
– In Colombo

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