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Organization Name:
Organizational Unit:
NGA HR India Pvt. Ltd.
Maturity Level:
Maturity Level 3
Appraisal End Date:
Mar 20, 2013
Lead Appraiser:
SrinivasaRao Tumu
Christine Budd
Sampling Summary:
Sampling Factors: Location (Not Relevant: Work Groups are executed at two locations viz., Hyderabad & Kochi. Location does not influence process.)
Customer (Not Relevant: Work Groups deliver services to multiple clients. Clients do not influence process.)
Size (Not Relevant: The same process is followed by Work Groups irrespective of the size.)
Organizational Structure (Not Relevant: Org structure does not have influence on the process.)
Type of Work: Relevant: Type of work i.e. Project Management, Product Development Support, ISO, AMO, HRM, Payroll influences the process as six different types of services are delivered in the OU.
Sampling Factor Values: Project Management (Type of Work): Project Management services.
Product Development Support (Type of Work): Product Development Support services
ISO (Type of Work): Implementation and Support services
AMO (Type of Work): Application Maintenance services
HRM (Type of Work): Human Resource Management services
Payroll (Type of Work): Payroll services
Subgroups: NGA HR India – Project Management: The Project Management Organization is established to support community of Project Managers and Project Coordinators. This support will be through both on-the-job training and coaching for Project Managers and the continuous review of current and past projects to improve standard for Project Management. PMO also provides direction and standards for consistent program management across programs or projects.
11 People, 1 Basic Units
– Project Management
NGA HR India – Product Development Support: The Product Development Support team consists of multiple teams which involve the support of various products including Resource Link – Java Development which is involved in bespoke work which comprises of BA, QA team members also that serves for My View 1 & My View 2 products. It includes PROIV Development, in partnership with Onsite Team on PROIV platform working on Digital Asset System. Test Automation includes both manual and test automation.
64 People, 3 Basic Units
– Product Development Support
NGA HR India – ISO: ISO is the global implementation & support services team with prime client focus, providing the offshore support services from Hyderabad site on SAP Basis Administration, Middleware, Windows Administration, Security Access administration, Performance testing and Client Production Support, Engineering, UK TechOps, UNIX / SAN / AIX Admin/Backup Recovery, Solaris Administration/SAN – Net App HDS/AIX/Backup & Recovery.
38 People, 1 Basic Units
NGA HR India – AMO: The AMO team is responsible for technical maintenance of outsourced SAP HR solutions of clients and modification of the solution after delivery to correct possible faults, to improve performance or other attributes and to adapt the product to a modified environment and stabilize, optimize, and extend the applications so that functionality continues to meet the clients’ changing needs.
174 People, 5 Basic Units
NGA HR India – HRM: HRM provides services from recruitment to termination for customers worldwide. In some instances, pension and retirement benefits also are catered to the employees. e-Case and HRW tools are used to receive tickets and SAP or PeopleSoft based systems to process the tickets. The response and resolution are governed by service agreements and guided by pre-defined procedures. Most of the teams will have a year-end activity (increase the volume and, in some cases, scope of work).
219 People, 11 Basic Units
NGA HR India – Payroll: Payroll service type includes the end to end payroll processing. Platforms used are client specific. Generally, work groups use IMS tool to receive and manage service tickets and to report any queries. Input is received through public folders, share drives and emails. Once the payrolls are processed it will be monitored by internal audit team. Internal and external errors are reported and analyzed to monitor SLA performance. The SLA for external accuracy is 99.9% and for payroll TAT is 100%.
400 People, 17 Basic Units
– Payroll

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