GE Aviation-2016-Sponsor Requests No ML

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Organization Name:
GE Aviation
Organizational Unit:
Engines & Systems
Maturity Level:
Sponsor Requests No ML
Appraisal End Date:
Aug 25, 2016
Lead Appraiser:
Peter Barletto
Christin Rauche
Sampling Summary:
Sampling Factors: Location (Not Relevant: Work is conducted in Grand Rapids Mi and Cincinnati and does not effect how work is being conducted.)
Customer (Not Relevant: Customers do not reflect how work is being conducted. The processes for Safety and Security are applied to all customers in the same way.)
Size (Not Relevant: Size of programs do no effect how Safety and Security work is conducted. Organizational process are applied to both safety and security.)
Organizational Structure (Not Relevant: Even though there are two types of products Engines and Systems and the organizations are organized slightly different, it does not effect how work is being conducted.)
Type of Work: There are slight differences between Safety and Security processes and methodologies but at the same time are so similar and overlap that there is no effect on how work is being conducted.
Sampling Factor Values: Safety & Security (Type of Work): Safety looks at what types of hazards could impact the safety of the product or people producing the product. While Security involves external and internal threats and vulnerabilities that could impact product development and service activities.
Development (Type of Work): This is another value where security & Safety take into account.
Subgroups: Engines & Systems: Develops & Maintains Commercial and military engine products.
173 People, 3 Basic Units
– Safety & Security

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